We are committed to offering makeup brush Users different options in terms of design, usage, feel, performance, and affordability. Some of our objectives with BrushCraft was to create a beautiful design with superior performance and with affordable pricing options. This meant The Artis Research and Development Team had to find innovative ways to manufacture/build in all the great attributes that define an Artis Brush, while controlling the costs of production as much as possible. We streamlined the design in a way that minimized or eliminated many of the steps normally required during manufacturing. State of the art material-fusing techniques were used to bond together the handle and fibre bundle components. And even the sophisticated matte black finish is accomplished during manufacture rather than adding layers after the component was made. These revolutionary methods resulted in cost savings, which we have passed on to our Customers. The BrushCraft Collection represents the design "essence" of an Artis Brush. Something like the perfect "Little Black Dress" every woman has in her wardrobe. BrushCraft fits in everywhere, but never overshadows the Host. Can be dressed up or down, and still maintains true style.