BrushCraft brushes are different in several ways. 

The handle and fibre bundle orientation are more natural and ergonomic than a conventional brush. Conventional brushes were created for painting and especially for applying paint to a surface like a canvas. They aren't easy to use when you have to turn it backwards towards your face and try to move it around on yourself.

BrushCraft Brushes use a man-made fibre that does not mimic animal hair at all. It is named NuFibre and is superior for makeup application.

BrushCraft Brushes use thousands of NuFibres in each brush, which assists in applying and blending makeup products effortlessly and beautifully.

BrushCraft Brushes don't contribute to allergies, because they aren't made with dead animal hair like most conventional brushes. It is estimated that 10% of the population is allergic to animal hair, and using a conventional animal hair makeup brush can cause some people to have very irritated skin.

BrushCraft brushes are made with modern, durable materials, that are hygienic and beautifully designed.