Professional Makeup Artists clean their brushes after every use. If you are the only user of your brushes, you may get away with cleaning them every few days or when it is necessary to switch from one colour to another or one product formula to another. You should at least cleanse and sanitize your cosmetic brushes once a week. Consider often do you cleanse your own hair, and reference that when deciding how frequently to clean your brushes.

BrushCraft brushes made with NuFibre can be safely cleaned using most major brands of makeup brush cleansers. We recommend you use a cleanser that also sanitizes. 

If you only have household items available, use a dishwashing liquid like Dawn brand, and massage a very small amount into the wet fibre bundle until you feel it has dissolved all the makeup residue. Then hold the fibre bundle under warm running water until the water from the bundle runs completely clear and without any bubbles. Use a towel to absorb excess water from the bundle, and then set the brush aside to dry before using.

Some Users also like to finish a deep cleaning with a rinse of isopropyl alcohol, found in most drug stores, which helps to sanitize the fibres to make sure any microbes are inhibited.

The BrushCraft Brushes handles can be cleaned using a soft cloth soaked with alcohol, or a mild household cleaner.